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Do you need to get your rental property clean for your next tenant? 

Services included:

All Rooms - We will clean all interior windows,dust all window sills and ledges,dust ceiling fans,wipe lights,wipe baseboards,get rid of cobwebs, vacuum and clean hardwood floors.

Kitchens - We will clean all cabinets and appliances, wipe clean all counter tops and scrub away all grease and grime on floors.

Bathrooms - We will scrub and disinfect showers,tubs,sinks and counters. Toilets will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected removing all stains and residues, we will sweep and mop floors.


Renting a room or your property with Air B&B or any other short term rental platform is a lucrative way of earning an income. However, to give your guests the absolute best experience it starts with a clean home. After all, your guests wants to feel at home away from home. Spic N Span Magic Cleaners has a lot to offer when it comes to short term rental cleaning. As a short term rental host, whether it's an Air BNB or vacation home, you need the right team of cleaners to make your guests feel welcomed the moment they walk through your doors.

Services included:

Wash & Dry Linen and Towels

Change Bed Sheets

Sweep and Mop

Vacuum carpets


Empty and clean trash receptacles

Fridge Cleaning

Stovetop Cleaning

Clean Dishes and Dishwasher

Call us today to schedule cleaning of your rental property at 419--984-8308 or Contact Us 

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