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He's A Cleaning Addict-Get to know the couple doing commercial cleaning

Updated: Mar 12

I swear he’s an ADDICT – but wait he doesn’t do drugs nor does he drink. “So, how’s he an addict?” This is how. He enjoys cleaning; yes he is addicted to cleaning. He hates an unorganized space and he hates a mess. No, he isn’t at home all day with the kids. My partner works in a very demanding job and yet the kitchen and bathroom are always spotless. Often times, I complain because he makes me feel less than capable of cleaning. I hate when he immediately goes to get the mop when he gets home from work or as he gets out of bed.

Chores are a shared endeavor in our home, though it is not something that we assign to each other. He always does his share and more. Our floors are always vacuumed: you wouldn’t believe we have 1 year old twins living there. The kids’ toys are always stowed away carefully; there’s never anything out of place.

It is my hope that our children will grow to be as neat and responsible. I know they will do their part when they are older. It will be instilled in them from a very early age. He’s already telling them to put back their toys when they are finished with them.

Why Am I sharing this information?

I am writing this because it is his passion for cleaning that inspired us to start this company. He absolutely loves to clean. Not to say, I don’t love to clean, I do love a clean and tidy place. However, he’s more of an addict or as some would say he has a phobia. Together we are a force to reckon with!

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