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DayCare Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Daycare cleanliness means a whole lot to us at Spic N Span Magic Cleaners. After all, it is one of the reasons our company was invented.We are scared of leaving our twin girls at a daycare facility due to lack of cleaning. We just weren't pleased with the way the facilities looked and right then and there, we knew we had to do something. Our family strives on the saying "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". Having a clean and healthy environment is essential to the growth and development of any child and this is why Day Care Centers must be properly sanitized and cleaned. It is in these facilities our littles spend a lot of time and it is important to make sure there space is properly cleaned.

Children's health is a major concern to any parent or caregiver. Parents take a lot into consideration when shopping for a care facility for their heartstrings and as parents ourselves we know the skepticism involved. Rest Assured Spic N Span Magic Cleaners will leave your faculty germ free and "spic and span". Once our littles are gone for the day, we will step right in to make sure all germs,allergens and bacteria is professionally removed leaving the space clean and healthy for their return. Don't worry, we use cleaners that are safe for kids and will not trigger any respiratory illnesses or allergies.

Whether it be daily,weekly or monthly, we perform these duties in a daycare center:

  • Dusting and mopping floors
  • Cleaning,sanitizing bathrooms,sinks,tubs and mirrors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing infant and toddler rooms
  • Cleaning and sanitizing diaper change areas
  • Cleaning and sanitizing playrooms and sitting rooms
  • Cleaning and sanitizing lunch rooms
  • Cleaning and sanitizing furniture and toys
  • Cleaning and sanitizing breastfeeding areas

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