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Our Story 

We've loved every minute of our journey!

An Idea Is Born

Spic N Span Magic Cleaners started in March 2020. It was spun to life by a young couple who wanted to see a change in the way housekeeping was done in the hotels they worked at and the offices they visited daily to transact business.

"We were afraid of leaving our twin girls at a daycare facility because the ones close by us just didn't look clean. Another sore point for us, was the apartment complexes. In our search for an apartment, we came across some rather gross looking buildings." After looking at an apartment that looked like a junk yard; the realtor in an effort to get us to take the apartment said to us "tell me what needs changing and I will do it". We responded by asking him "Would you live here?"

We envisioned a company offering cleaning services to the small hotels/motels in the area, the offices we frequented,the daycares around and the apartment complexes. So, we gave birth to this company on March 24th,2020.

Here we are Spic N Span Magic Cleaners LLC.

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